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Triple Glazing Hemel Hempstead

What’s involved?

Add an extra layer of glass this winter for even more:
Energy Savings / Noise Reductions / Added Security

Order your double glazing or conservatory now and we will give you a free Triple Glazing Hemel Hempstead upgrade (offer extended for a limited time only).

    Triple glazing unit is measured at 36mm
    Double glazed unitwhich is 26mm
  • EXTRA noise reduction
  • EXTRA security

Highly Energy Efficient Hemel Hempstead

The eco energy plus 6 chamber system provides better insulation.

The eco energy plus window system has achieved a BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) Window Energy Rating of "A", the highest achievable. The eco energy plus window system uses it’s multiple chambers to lock in the heat, and high performing bubble gasket seals to ensure there are no gaps for heat to escape.

6 Chamber Profile System

We do not use standard aluminium reinforcements in our frames. Our windows use a special system that drastically reduces heat loss without compromising on the strength that a aluminium frame offers.

Using Aluminium inside the frame (like standard widows) conducts heat & cold, reducing the insulating benefits of the windows.

With its six chambers, our system has double the cavity than a standard system will give you a better insulated frame which helps with better insulation, strength, and acoustic performance. The profile is also 100% lead free.

U values explained.

A "U" value is a measure of heat loss. It is expressed in W/m2k, and shows the amount of heat lost in watts (W) per sq metre. The lower the "U" value, the better the insulation. The eco energy plus triple glazed window has an incredible U value of just 1.0 as standard. Compare this to a U value of 1.6 for a "C" energy rated double glazed window, or 1.4 for an "A" rated.

Triple Glazing Hemel Hempstead

Radiators are nearly always positioned directly below a window, so it makes sense to strongly consider the insulation performance of the window directly above it. The eco energy plus triple glazed window will enable you to save more of the energy that you have personally paid for.

Triple Glazing

Triple Glazing Hemel Hempstead - Quieter & More Secure

An additional benefit of triple glazing is improved noise reduction, with the standard specification achieving a superb decibel rating of 32. The bubble gaskets used within the eco energy plus system are also beneficial with regards to noise reduction.

A triple glazed window has three panes of glass to protect your property, providing an extra barrier compared with two panes within a double glazed sealed unit. There is also the option to upgrade this further still, by making the middle pane of glass toughened.

Secure, improved noise reduction

Our system is purpose designed for Triple glazing

Triple glazing wasn't an "after thought" with the eco energy plus system - it was designed with this in mind.

The system is fitted with a a 36mm thick triple glazed sealed unit providing beneficial insulation, sound proofing and security.

The internal security bead is exclusively used for triple glazing and was designed on this basis. This means the glass is securely and safely retained giving you peace of mind.

The eco energy plus system even has a unique designed glazing support packer to ensure the sealed unit is correctly positioned within the opening. This guarantees long term operational benefits as opening vents will not drop, and reduces the likelihood of a sealed unit breaking down as glass cannot slip (because all 3 panes are supported) when the sealant warms up in hotter temperatures, plus enabling rainwater to correctly drain away.

The Mega Hinge has superior integral strength, and has been tested to over 25,000 cycles under 40kg operational load. It will therefore comfortably accommodate an opening sash weighing 40kg - a triple glazed sealed unit comprising of three panes of 4mm glass weighs appx 30kg per sq. m). The Mega Hinge provides fire escape as well as an easy clean facility.