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UPVC windows have come a long way over the past two decades. Gone are the days of bulky and obtrusive frames which can spoil the appearance of your home. Our windows are designed to look good and meet the highest standards in quality and performance.

No matter the style of your property we can offer a tailor made design service. Our styles range from the simplest casement window to the grandest Victorian Bay window, or we can create a traditional and individual look for your home. If you are looking for a unique style, then why not opt for our different glazing techniques or opening styles?

All our windows comply with all of the highest standards within the industry. We also use the latest in locking technology providing unrivalled security for your home.

Highly energy efficient

The eco energy plus 6 chamber system provides better insulation, strength and accoustic perfomance.

The eco energy plus window system has achieved a BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) Window Energy Rating of "A", the highest achievable. The eco energy plus window system uses it’s multiple chambers to lock in the heat, and high performing bubble gasket seals to ensure there are no gaps for heat to escape.

6 Chamber Profile System

We do not use standard aluminium reinforements in our frames. Our UPVC Windows Hemel Hempstead use a special system that drastically reduces heat loss without comprimissing on the stength that a aluminium frame offers.

Using Aliminum inside the frame (like standard widows) conducts heat & cold, reducing the insulating benifits of the windows.

With its six chambers, our system has double the cavity than a standard system will give you a better insulated frame which helps with better insulation, strength, and acoustic performance. The profile is also 100% lead free.

picture of six chamber

Double/Triple Glazed Unit Detail

Argon gas

Reduces conductive and convective heat transfers.

Warm edge bar

Up to 80% of energy loss through a window can occur at the edge. Conventional aluminium spacer bars conduct heat out and cold in, and have exceptionally high thermal energy loss. Using a warm edge spacer bar will reduce heat loss at the edge of the window by up to 94%.

Double glazed windows fitted with warm edge spacer have an internal temperature of up to 65% warmer, reducing condensation on your sealed unit by up to 70%. This reduction in moisture virtually eliminates the chance of mould growth and potentially harmful bacteria.

Softcoat Low E glass

A transparent metallic coating reflects heat back into the room. The coating also allows heat and light from the sun to pass through the glass, warming the room, adding to the efficiency of your windows.

Low iron glass

The low iron content produces a higher light and energy transmittance.

 picture of windows cross section

Amazing choice, options & finishes


Our standard white is a high gloss finish, making it easier to keep your new windows and doors bright and white for years to come. Many other systems have a matt, grainy finish, which the dirt will cling to, making it much harder to keep clean. If white isn’t what you’re looking for, we have a wide range of colours and wood finishes. What about smooth cream or white woodgrain? The choice is yours...

Traditional Look

The eco energy plus external window cill is 35mm deep at the front, looking more like a traditional thick timber cill. This is nearly twice the thickness of an industry standard PVCu cill. Optional “run thru sash horns” for top hung sashes only. An excellent replica of a timber sash horn.

Handles & harware

White, black, polished chrome, polished gold, polished bronze and black “monkey tail”. Satin silver is also available.


Steel hinge bolts fitted as standard.

Centre "Sash Seal" to all side openers ensures an efficient weather seal.


Casement Windows


The casement window is the most popular style of window, lending itself to virtually any application. The versatility of the system means that you can choose the positioning of the opening sashes to best suit your needs.

Casement windows can have an top opening ventilation window or a side opening main window, or you can have a combination of both.

Tilt & Turn / Sash horn / Pivot / Bi-fold

Tilt & Turn

Let in the fresh air, without comprimising security.

Sash Horn / Flush sash

The looks of traditional timber windows with all the advantages of UPCV.

If your existing windows are Georgian or Victorian style sliding sashes, our Sash-horn style window works in the same way as a casement window, giving you the best of both worlds.


Some windows are hard to clean from the outside (blocks of flats or a window above a conservatory etc.). Our Pivot system solves this problem, a fully rotating pane of glass.


A bi-flod system allows you to fully open the window across the whole appiture, bringing the outside - in... perfect for the summer months. Ideal for ground floor garden facing windows & commercial properties like resturants & coffee shops.

Bow/Bay Windows

The eco energy plus bay assembly is much slimmer than other conventional bay joints. This provides you with more glass area, instead of a "bulk" of PVCu.

Bay or Bow windows can give the front of your house a face lift that sets it above the others in your neighbourhood. If you wish to create a feature to an existing flat window, we would suggest having a double glazed bay or bow window.

A bow window can normally be fitted in a matter of hours where Bay windows involve a bit more work as this type of window goes to the floor like a mini extension. The double glazed units can be supplied in clear glass, lead patterns or stained glass patterns.

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